In this episode of 5 Things You Oughta Know, CSA Firm Managing Partner, Brian Schuette, and CSA Firm Senior Partner, Larry Crain, discuss the 5 Thing You Oughta Know About How We Handle Personal Injury Cases.

Here are the 5 Things:

  1. We remain client focused. Each case is individual.  Each client is an individual with different needs and circumstances.  We get to know the clients so we can understand their case.  We are selective and have smaller caseloads so we can give each case individual attention.
  2. We respect our client’s ability to understand the issues involved in the case and to participate in the decision making process. We educate clients by taking the time to explain everything in simple, non-technical terms.  Informed clients are happy, satisfied clients.
  3. We listen closely to client’s concerns. There are patterns to cases that we can predict from a technical perspective.  But each case is also unique and we try to listen to our client’s concerns and needs.  It is easy to get caught up in the legal, technical issues and miss what is really important to the client.  If we get a technically excellent result but have not taken into account their concerns then we do not end up with a happy client.  Taking the time to listen and understand them is critical.
  4. We provide people with a candid analysis of their cases. We try not to just tell them what they want to hear or give them an over inflated view of their case.  We try to be honest and explain the positive and negative aspects of the case to them with graceful directness. Building trust with our clients is essential.  It is a two way street.  We have to earn their trust and we expect them to be truthful with us.  We cannot help people who are not honest with us.
  5. We are committed to achieving the best result for our client. This involves:
    1. Knowing the law that pertains to the case inside and out.
    2. Knowing the medical issues. We may need to consult with medical experts but we need to have a good working knowledge of medical issues in order to recognize the nuances of the particular cases.
    3. Taking time to know the facts about the particular case so there are no surprises.
    4. Moving the case along at the right pace. It is important not to rush the case to get it done.  We have to wait till it matures and is ready to be presented so that we don’t miss anything.
    5. Finally, we try to always go the extra mile.  We have to distinguish their case from the thousands of other demand letters insurance companies receive.  We try to provide details to personalize the client so that the insurance adjuster is able to see them as a person who has been injured and not just another case on their desk.  It is our job to help everyone involved come a just, truthful result. 

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